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Free online women’s circles to connect you to other women and your own power

Welcome to this mini series of free offerings for you mama.

I was speaking to a friend in the UK, a mama with two boys who is feeling so, so alone. I remember feeling that way too and that was before we were facing a pandemic that have compounded these feelings of loneliness for mamas the world over the last twelve months.

I remember feeling lost and unseen. I didn’t value myself and felt guilty every time I perceived myself to be failing. 

Thankfully, through the amazing women I now call my village and through my Mama Rising training, I have been able to step into my power and truly know the value of my work as a mother and a woman. 

And this is why The Mama Circle was born, so that I can support you mama, to realise your value too. So that you can feel seen and supported. So you can find your village. 

I invite you join me at one of the FREE offerings below, whichever calls to you. These are spaces to nurture you, create connection and celebrate all you do, because you are doing the most important work, and you are doing better than you know.

Mamas shouldn’t be doing this alone. Come join us, so we can do this together. 

Go gently mama,

Alison xxxx

The Little Lullaby Ensemble

Online Monday 25th January

9.30-10am UK Time / 7.30pm-8pm Qld Time

Join us for a mini version of our full program, learn a beautiful folk lullaby to sing to your baby in just ten minutes and spend time giving yourself the compassion and kindness you deserve mama.

Whether you’ve always been a singer or have never sung before doesn’t matter. Your baby will love seeing your face and hearing you sing whether you’re the next Grammy award winner or can barely hold a tune in the shower. 

Yes, this group is a place we learn divine lullabies from around the world, but really at its heart, its all about the mamas. It is a space to gather with women going through similar feelings and experiences as you, a place to feel safe to let go of all you are holding as we make time for meditation and reflection on all this motherhood journey throws at us.  

The Magic Word for Re-Riting Motherhood

Online Wednesday 3rd February

7.30pm-8pm Qld Time

Do you feel like you lost yourself when you became a mother?That you weren’t prepared for the seismic shift that takes place?

It is a momentous transformation that starts with pregnancy, and does not end. In our current society, the value we place on motherhood and this transition has been completely ignored, misunderstood and dismissed.

But the experience of it is very real.

Join us in this  free online workshop to hear all about a magic word that helps you to understand the profound shift that has happened in you. 

Whether you have been mothering for months or decades, this is a safe space to begin the important work of reclaiming you.  

We are gifting one free ticket at each location, to a mama who could otherwise not access this incredible program due to finances. No questions asked. Discounted tickets are available for Black Women, Indigenous Women and Women of Colour. Please use the codes BIPOC to receive 20% off the program price.

‘It was so empowering to connect to my voice again. I’m far from a singer but I love the creativity and the power of using the voice. It always ended with a big snooze for the twins and always set me up for a good day.’

Lullaby Ensemble Mama

The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love

That carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong

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