ReRiting Motherhood

Did you feel lost when you became a mother? That you weren’t prepared for the seismic shift that takes place?

It is a momentous transformation that starts with pregnancy, and does not end, for we are forever a mother. In our current society, the value we place on motherhood and this transition has been completely ignored, misunderstood and dismissed.

But the experience is very real. Welcome to Matrescence. The transition to and through motherhood.

Just as adolescence is the transition from child to adult, matrescence is the transition from woman to mother. And understanding this is the missing link to feeling happy and whole again.

Part course, part circle, part ceremony, ReRiting Motherhood will guide you through matrescence in a safe and confidential space with other women, where you can give yourself permission to honour this rite of passage whether you have been mothering for months or decades so that you can do the important work of reclaiming you.

Payment Plans and Discounted Tickets

If an upfront payment is prohibitive please select the payment plan ticket and then ‘pay by invoice’ at checkout and I will be in touch arrange a six week payment plan.

One free ticket gifted to a mama who couldn’t otherwise access the program due to finances. No questions asked. Please consider this option only if you truly couldn’t access the program otherwise so we ensure it goes to a mama in need.

20% discount for Black Women, Indigenous Women, and Women of Colour. Please use the code BIPOC at checkout to receive this discounted rate.


Babes in arms are welcome to all events, and we ask that the circles are free from older children so we can focus on creating sacred space for ourselves as women.

We want to ensure that primary caregivers are able to attend our events and have arranged for Jayde from Young Souls Nurtured to look after your bigger little ones in the beautiful Wonder Dome garden for our Sunshine Coast events and Emma from Flourish Children’s Collective at our Brisbane events, for just $20 a session.

Both women are incredible space holders for little people and will create some beautiful play-based opportunities for your babes.

Please add childcare on your order form to book your childcare spot as spaces are strictly limited.

Summer 2021


Six week program beginning 8th February

Mondays 12.15-2.15pm

Sunshine Coast

Six week program beginning 17th February


‘Alison is awesome…. she holds a very nourishing space’

Circle participant

The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love

That carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong

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